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Sequestration Application

Requirements and Procedures for a Sequestration Application The first step towards becoming free of debt is to determine if you meet the requirements for a sequestration application in South Africa. To this end, we briefly look at the requirements.   Insolvency...

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Sequestration and Rehabilitation

Understanding the Basics of Sequestration and Rehabilitation With the help of our attorneys specialising in sequestration, you can become debt free within a short period of time. Once all requirements are met, you can apply for rehabilitation and regain full control...

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Sequestration Act in South Africa

Basics of Voluntary Sequestration – Insolvency Act in South Africa The sequestration act in South Africa is called the Insolvency Act No 24 of 1936. If you consider voluntary sequestration as a means to become debt free in South Africa, it is essential to become...

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Specialist Insolvency Lawyers

Specialist Insolvency Lawyers on Complex Sequestration Issues Voluntary sequestration is a legal process whereby you can apply to be declared bankrupt. Since it involves a court application, you need the help of specialist insolvency lawyers to handle the process....

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How Long Does Liquidation of a Company Take?

How Long Does Liquidation of a Company Take in South Africa? If your business is failing, then you have a legal responsibility to take action in saving it or liquidating it. Indeed, unlike with an individual where the individual must have sufficient assets to ensure...

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Save Money with Sequestration Experts

How You Can Save Money with Sequestration Experts Debt collectors knocking at your door? Are you afraid to answer the phone because of constant creditor harassment? Have you juggled between credit cards up to now? Are your home loan repayments behind? Do not stress....

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Debt Problems and Solutions

Voluntary Sequestration – Debt Problems and Solutions in South Africa A recent report by TransUnion shows that consumers struggle with debt problems in South Africa.  The credit demand remains worrisome, with defaults on secured debts on the increase. This is...

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Sequestration Requirements

Do You Meet the Voluntary Sequestration Requirements? The Insolvency Act of 1936 and its amendments govern the process of voluntary surrendering one’s estate and the application to be declared bankrupt. In order to make use of voluntary sequestration as a...

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency

What is the Difference Between Bankruptcy and Insolvency? Though the terms of bankruptcy and insolvency are used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between the two. For one, a person can be insolvent without being bankrupt. However, one cannot file for...

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