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Can Sequestration be Reversed

“Can Sequestration be Reversed?” and Other Questions Answered One of the questions that is often asked is: “Can sequestration be reversed?” Though it seems like a straightforward question, several factors must be considered. For one, a sequestration application can be...

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Sequestration Meaning

Meaning of Sequestration Terms and Conditions Explained We briefly answer questions about sequestration, meaning of it and more below to help you gain a better understanding of bankruptcy proceedings in South Africa.   What is the Meaning of Voluntary...

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Is Insolvency and Bankruptcy the Same Thing?

Answer to the Question: “Is Insolvency and Bankruptcy the Same Thing?” People use the terms insolvency and bankruptcy interchangeably to refer to a state of financial distress. However, before using bankruptcy as a synonym for the term insolvency, one has to ask: “Is...

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Sequestration Without Assets

How Sequestration Without Assets Works Sequestration without assets is possible if the legal fees, estate administration, and minimum benefits requirement can be met. It still requires a legal application process. Keep in mind that voluntary sequestration – with or...

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When Does Sequestration Go into Effect

“When Does Sequestration Go into Effect?” and Related Questions If you struggle to pay your debts and living costs, whilst the debts are far too big to pay off through debt review within five years, you can apply for voluntary sequestration. To help you make an...

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Liquidate a Company

Why and When to Liquidate a Company in South Africa If your business struggles to pay debts when due and the liabilities exceed the assets, then by law, you must liquidate the company. However, you can also liquidate a company when it is not in debt. This is done when...

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Debt Solution Companies

A Debt Solution That Companies in South Africa Need to Consider Liquidation may not be a debt solution that companies in South Africa consider at first, but with the risks involved in carrying on with business even when in financial trouble, more companies should...

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Avoid Bankruptcy

How to Avoid Bankruptcy in South Africa It is possible to avoid bankruptcy in South Africa, even if you have excessive debt, do not have enough assets, and experience difficulty in paying debts when due. We briefly look at ways to avoid bankruptcy before and after the...

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What is the Legal Definition of Insolvency?

Answers on Questions: What is the Legal Definition of Insolvency? With so many misconceptions about insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation, and sequestration, it is time to answer the question: “what is the legal definition of insolvency?”   So, What is the Legal...

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