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Liquidation of a Company

Basics Regarding the Voluntary Liquidation of a Company Unlike with the sequestration of an individual, with the voluntary liquidation of a company, the business does not require cash or assets that are sufficient to ensure sale thereof will be enough to provide for...

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Debt Solutions that Work

Liquidation as One of the Debt Solutions that Work for a Company If your business is in trouble, it is essential to take proactive steps in seeking debt solutions that work. Business rescue is one such a debt solution that can work very well. However, if it is not a...

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Liquidation Application Process

How to Start with the Voluntary Liquidation Application Process The liquidation application process, unlike with the sequestration application process, does not require a business to have cash or assets sufficient to ensure that the sale thereof can provide for the...

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Issues Regarding Liquidation of Your Business If a creditor wants to bring an application for liquidation of your company, the creditor must be able to prove that it would be fair and just to liquidate your company. The creditor must prove that your company is...

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Insolvency Lawyers

Insolvency Lawyers to Assist with Rehabilitation After Sequestration in South Africa Rehabilitation is a legal process whereby you apply to the High Court of South Africa to be relieved from your insolvent status. The effect is that you will regain the legal status...

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Debt Solutions in South Africa

Voluntary Sequestration as One of the Overlooked Debt Solutions in South Africa Misconceptions about debt solutions in South Africa keep many consumers in tremendous debt. For one, if a debtor signs admission of debt and an agreement to pay off the debt with a debt...

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Voluntary Sequestration

How Does Voluntary Sequestration Help to Get Rid of Debt in South Africa? Realising that you have a debt problem is the first step towards financial freedom. The next step is to consider your options. Voluntary sequestration is suitable if you have considerable debt,...

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How to Apply for Insolvency in South Africa

Learn How to Apply for Insolvency in South Africa Congratulations! If you have come to this page, you have already taken the first step towards managing your debt and becoming completely debt free. You most probably want to know how to apply for insolvency in South...

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How to File for Bankruptcy in South Africa

The Basics of How to File for Bankruptcy in South Africa Below, we briefly look at some of the terms and issues regarding sequestration, and how to file for bankruptcy in South Africa, helping you to make an informed decision on how to deal with your debt problems.  ...

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