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Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt Fast The festive season, in particular, is a time of overspending. Credit cards are maxed out in order to pay for gifts and expensive holidays. Just after the festive season, people face expenses, such as having to pay school deposits and fees....

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How Voluntary Liquidation of a Business Works in South Africa It is no secret that start-up businesses have tremendous capital layouts, and often land in deep water within a year. Getting out of debt is difficult as is, but add problems, such as VAT payments, SARS...

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Important Mistakes to Avoid With Voluntary Sequestrations in South Africa Voluntary sequestrations are legal means for debtors to have a large portion of their debts paid off in one go. One has to understand that courts do not award sequestrations if creditors cannot...

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Can You Benefit from Bankruptcy? Most people who are filing for bankruptcy, do so to stop creditors from harassing them, and because they simply see no other way out. Few stop to think of advantages associated with bankruptcy. Considering that one’s credit record...

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Debt Solutions

Is a Consolidation Loan One of the Workable Debt Solutions? Get stuck in the debt cycle, and pretty soon, you receive SMS messages, calls from service providers, and emails demanding immediate payment. You can tell the creditors that you do not have money right now...

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Rehabilitation After Insolvency

How Rehabilitation After Insolvency Works in South Africa Voluntary sequestration is an effective means to get rid of your debt. It affords you the opportunity to start fresh and live using cash rather than depending on credit. Once the relevant period has lapsed and...

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How to Deal with Insolvency in South Africa Before 1995, it was still possible to be imprisoned for non-payment of debts. Back in the day, if a debtor was not able to pay their debts, the debtor was considered a criminal and treated as such. However, it is no longer...

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Voluntary Sequestration as an Alternative to Other Approaches in Dealing with Debt Issues Voluntary sequestration is an effective legal means to get rid of up to 80% of your debt in one go, and to become completely debt-free within a relatively short period. Many...

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South African Liquidation Experts

How Liquidation Can Help to Save Jobs It is your responsibility as a business owner to protect the assets of your business. Part of this entails getting to know the requirements of the Companies Act, and knowing when it is time to speak to South African liquidation...

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