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What is the Sequestration Process?

The sequestration process entails legal proceedings whereby an applicant applies to be declared bankrupt or where a creditor applies to the court with the help of attorneys to have a debtor be declared bankrupt.   Voluntary Sequestration in A Nutshell With...

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How Can Sequestration Attorneys Help You?

How Can Sequestration Attorneys Help with Financial Rehabilitation in Pretoria? The economic crisis affects everyone, from small businesses and contract workers to employers and employees alike. Some people are affected more than others. If you are at the receiving...

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How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt During the Economic Crisis in South Africa: Filing for Bankruptcy It is no longer a matter of not getting into debt, but how to get out of debt. The worldwide 2020 COVID-19 health crisis has led to governments taking decisive actions to combat...

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Sequestration Proceedings

What Are The Sequestration Proceedings in South Africa? Sequestration proceedings in South Africa entail a legal process whereby the financial estate of an individual is surrendered and the individual is declared bankrupt. The court appoints a trustee/curator to...

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Does Business Rescue Work?

Does Business Rescue Work and How Can a Debt Practitioner Help You to Rescue Your Business? The most prominent question that company directors ask when having to decide between liquidation and business rescue is whether business rescue really works. To understand why...

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Business Rescue

How Can a Debt Practitioner Help You to Rescue Your Business? With more and more companies struggling to keep their doors open and prevent large-scale job losses, the need for an alternative to liquidation has brought about the business rescue option. The Companies...

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Can a Company in Liquidation Continue to Trade?

And Other Important Questions One of the questions often asked is “can a company in liquidation continue to trade?” Though certain exceptions may apply, the answer is no. The main purpose of a company liquidation is to stop trading and close all business operations....

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Can Bankruptcy be Denied?

Can Bankruptcy be Denied? Requirements for Voluntary Sequestration in South Africa Voluntary sequestration is a legal process whereby an individual is declared bankrupt by the High Court or by a relevant Magistrate Court in South Africa. It makes it possible for the...

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Declaring Insolvency as an Individual in South Africa

Things You Must Know About Declaring Insolvency as an Individual in South Africa Declaring insolvency as an individual in South Africa entails a legal process whereby you apply to court to be declared bankrupt. As part of the process, you surrender your estate and a...

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