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Get out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt in South Africa Your credit record determines whether you can buy a house, purchase a vehicle on finance, and rent a house. Getting into debt is very easy, but to get out of debt, you need time and money. Unfortunately, living costs tend to rise...

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Voluntary Sequestration

Debt Solutions and Voluntary Sequestration to Manage Your Financial Problems If your debt situation has become unmanageable, you need to take action to regain control. Voluntary sequestration is a workable solution, but if you want to consider pre-insolvency solutions...

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Rehabilitation after Insolvency

How to Apply for Rehabilitation After Insolvency If you are sequestrated, you are declared insolvent. Your estate is under sequestration until you have been rehabilitated. Rehabilitation after insolvency is automatic after a period of ten years if you do not apply for...

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Do You Owe SARS Money? The Role of Liquidation in Preventing Further Legal Action Liquidation is a legal process whereby a company is declared insolvent or bankrupt. The company, close corporation, or trust applies to the court for the liquidation of its assets. The...

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Help to Get Out of Debt

Help to Get Out of Debt Through Voluntary Sequestration If your liabilities far exceed your assets and you cannot pay your debts, it is your responsibility to take action. Do not wait for the creditors to take legal action against you. First, seek help to get out of...

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Insolvency Lawyers in Centurion

Get Legal Help with Your Debt – Approach Insolvency Lawyers in Centurion Rather than having sleepless nights because you are unable to pay your debt, get in touch with our insolvency lawyers in Centurion. Of course, you can talk to friends and family, but unless they...

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Sequestration Process in South Africa

What You Need to Know About the Voluntary Sequestration Process in South Africa The voluntary sequestration process in South Africa enables a natural person to become debt free in a relatively short period. Instead of having to pay excessive interest on debt, high...

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Debt Rescue Process

When Is It Time for a Business to Enter the Debt Rescue Process? Many businesses hit a roadblock or some type of hindrance, and because of it, face cash-flow problems. These businesses practically become financially distressed, unable to pay creditors and salaries. If...

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How Does Debt Rescue Work

How Does Debt Rescue Work in Terms of a Business? The phrase, debt rescue, has become so widely used in South Africa that it is almost obscure in meaning. Some use the words debt rescue when they refer to business rescue, whilst others use such to refer to debt...

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