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Sequestration in South Africa

When to Consider Voluntary Sequestration in South Africa Sequestration in South Africa is certainly not the first choice when it comes to addressing the debt burden, but if you have already reached the point where even normal debt restructuring and debt review are no...

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Affordable Sequestration Lawyers

Affordable Sequestration Lawyers: Dealing with the Cost of Debt The first step towards becoming completely debt-free is to seek the legal guidance from our affordable sequestration lawyers. Yes, the voluntary surrendering of your estate can be expensive if you do not...

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Insolvency Implications

Positive Insolvency Implications to Consider Though much has been said about the negative implications of insolvency, one also has to consider how insolvency can help a debtor to become free from the stress of financial troubles.   Insolvency Implications for the...

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Voluntary Sequestration

Important Aspects of Voluntary Sequestration Voluntary sequestration provides you with the opportunity to get rid of up to 80% of your debt within a short period. It entails an application to court to have your financial estate surrendered and to be declared bankrupt....

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Application for Insolvency

Preliminary Formalities to Meet with the Application for Insolvency An application for insolvency entails a legal process whereby the debtor applies to Court to have their estate surrendered and to be declared bankrupt. It is called voluntary sequestration. An...

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How to Declare Insolvency in South Africa

In Debt? Find Out How to Declare Insolvency in South Africa Donald Trump is the USA President and he has filed for bankruptcy no fewer than four times. It thus may seem like an easy way out of debt, but as with any other debt solution, several pitfalls await. It is...

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Can Sequestration be Reversed

“Can Sequestration be Reversed?” and Other Questions Answered One of the questions that is often asked is: “Can sequestration be reversed?” Though it seems like a straightforward question, several factors must be considered. For one, a sequestration application can be...

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Sequestration Meaning

Meaning of Sequestration Terms and Conditions Explained We briefly answer questions about sequestration, meaning of it and more below to help you gain a better understanding of bankruptcy proceedings in South Africa.   What is the Meaning of Voluntary...

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Is Insolvency and Bankruptcy the Same Thing?

Answer to the Question: “Is Insolvency and Bankruptcy the Same Thing?” People use the terms insolvency and bankruptcy interchangeably to refer to a state of financial distress. However, before using bankruptcy as a synonym for the term insolvency, one has to ask: “Is...

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