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Get Out of Debt Tips

Get Out of Debt Tips to Help You Regain Financial Control Rising living costs, medical emergencies, and fuel price increases are among the reasons you may have fallen into a debt trap. Regardless of the reason for your financial situation, you can get out of debt by...

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Debt Rescue Companies

How Debt Rescue Plans for Distressed Companies Can be Workable Alternatives to Liquidations Many companies in South Africa have undergone debt rescue procedures. Keep in mind that debt review as a debt rescue means is only suitable for natural persons. As such,...

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What is Debt Rescue?

What is Debt Rescue? Is it Applicable to a Business? A company’s financial affairs can quickly turn into nightmares for the directors and shareholders. It is at this stage when directors ask the question: “What is debt rescue?” They wonder whether debt rescue can be...

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What Causes Insolvency?

What Causes Insolvency? Avoid These Common Business Management Mistakes What causes insolvency? It is a more complex question than meets the eye. In South Africa, a business is insolvent when its liabilities exceed its assets and the business is unable to service its...

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What is an Act of Insolvency?

What is an Act of Insolvency? How Does it Affect your Financial Status? If you are in financial trouble, it is essential to seek an answer on the question of “what is an act of insolvency?” Failure to understand what is seen as an act of insolvency can cause you to...

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Can You Get Credit After Sequestration?

Can You Get Credit after Sequestration? and Other Important Questions One of the questions we often receive is “Can you get credit after sequestration?” Though the answer is yes, there is more to it, and we thus answer the question and related ones below, helping you...

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Sequestration Process

Can You Become Debt-Free Through the Voluntary Sequestration Process? Having to pay for years on end for a single business mistake or an unforeseen expense that drove your finances into the red does not seem fair. As an alternative, consider the voluntary...

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Liquidation Experts

Seek Guidance from Liquidation Experts Before You Sell or Close Down Your Business If you want to sell your business, you need to publish a notice to the effect according to Section 34 of the Insolvency Act No. 24 of 1936. As such, if your business is in trouble and...

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South African Insolvency Practitioners

How South African Insolvency Practitioners Help You Through Sequestration The first thing to do if you consider voluntary sequestration is to speak to South African insolvency practitioners. There are many pitfalls to avoid before, during, and after the process. South...

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