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Cost of Liquidating a Company

Cost of Liquidating A Company Versus Risk of Personal Liability You don’t start a business thinking you will have to liquidate it a few months down the line but the business world is extremely competitive. Add the high costs of labour and non-paying clients and there...

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Filing for Bankruptcy in South Africa

Things You May Not Have Known About Filing for Bankruptcy in South Africa Basic information on filing for bankruptcy in South Africa is available on the Internet. But rather than relying on hearsay or generic articles, seek legal advice from experienced insolvency...

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Attorneys in South Africa to Assist with Insolvency

Attorneys in South Africa to Assist with Insolvency Matters: Your Questions Since voluntary sequestration is a judicial process, you need legal help, so make use of experienced attorneys in South Africa to assist with insolvency; do not rely on information from...

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Sequestration Specialists

How Sequestration Specialists Can Help: Statement of Affairs The statement of affairs forms an integral part of your application to surrender your estate. Seek legal guidance from sequestration specialists to make sure the statement meets the legal requirements. We...

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Sequestration Attorneys

How Sequestration Attorneys Help You Comply with Important Requirements You need help from experienced sequestration attorneys because the bankruptcy application is a legal process. They help determine if you qualify for voluntary sequestration, handle the court...

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Declaring Insolvency as an Individual

How to Start the Process for Declaring Insolvency as An Individual Declaring insolvency as an individual in South Africa is a way out if debts have piled up. But to do so, you must be able to prove that you are cashflow and asset insolvent.   What is cashflow...

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Debt Free Benefits

5 Benefits of Being Debt-Free: Convincing Reasons to Pay Off Accounts With millions of South Africans caught up in the credit cycle, why should you become debt-free? Benefits far outweigh the cons of living a life free of creditor harassment and the constant fear of...

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Sequestration Rehabilitation Costs

How to Clear Your Name and Start Fresh: Basics of Sequestration Rehabilitation Costs Sequestration provides a means to get rid of debt fast. However, the diminished legal capacity that follows can hinder your ability to enter credit agreements, rent a house, or fill a...

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Sequestration Rehabilitation Attorneys

Sequestration Attorneys: Crucial Facts Everyone Should Know About Rehabilitation Sequestration rehabilitation attorneys assist clients who have been sequestrated and wish to regain control over their financial estates. To understand the significance of rehabilitation,...

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