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Insolvency Practitioners in South Africa

Experienced Insolvency Practitioners in South Africa to the Rescue Nothing can be scarier than having to face compulsory sequestration proceedings against you for debt. To this end, your first recourse is to seek legal help from experienced insolvency practitioners in...

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Need Help with Insolvency?

Need Help with Insolvency? Get Answers from Experienced Lawyers Need help with insolvency? Do creditors knock and threaten with compulsory sequestration? Do you want to take the first step towards becoming debt-free, but do not know if it is the right decision? Get...

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Insolvency – Unable to Pay Your Debt? What are the Options? Facing insolvency? If debt is spiralling out of control, what can you do? Apart from entering debt review or getting a debt consolidation loan, you may not have many choices. Debt review can also exacerbate...

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Voluntary Liquidation

Get Answers on Questions About Voluntary Liquidation Is your business struggling? Do you have to deal with mounting debts, the inability to pay employees on time, and a lack of funds to order stock? Do the liabilities exceed the company’s assets? If so, consider...

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How Long Does Liquidation Take in South Africa?

People do not start businesses with the idea to fail, but unforeseen circumstances and a challenging economic environment can cause business failure. Small businesses are especially vulnerable in a highly competitive market. The question of “How long does liquidation...

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Sequestration Meaning

Sequestration Meaning: What You Need to Know to Become Debt-Free If you look up “sequestration meaning” in an online dictionary, you will notice that in international law, it means the confiscation of someone’s property. As harsh as the truth may sound, giving up your...

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Get Help: Answers on Questions about Sequestrations and Rehabilitation Processes We can expect to see even more applications for compulsory and voluntary sequestrations with the return to limits on operating hours, strict curfews, a ban on the sale of alcohol,...

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What is Voluntary Liquidation?

What is Voluntary Liquidation? How Does it Affect a Solvent Company? According to the information from Stats SA, a significant increase in compulsory and voluntary liquidations have been reported for the last six months of 2020. The lockdown regulations have made it...

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Financial Advice from Insolvency Practitioners

Get Financial Advice from Insolvency Practitioners Before You Take Steps If you are in financial trouble, the first thing that may come to mind is to write to one or more creditors to explain the situation. Before you do so, get financial advice from insolvency...

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